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hosted-247 multi-tenancy features allows resellers to bundle a best-in-class email security service as part of their  cloud service offering and enables partners to earn high margins.

hosted-247’s email security service is built using the SonicWall’s email security platform blocking spam and malware effectively, easily and economically. It does this with automated updates that use real-time business data from around the world and by delegating inbox administration tasks to the end-user thus providing the customer with full control over their security. This award-winning email solution offers powerful and flexible controls that make it easy to fine-tune the solution to best protect against spam, viruses, phishing attacks, information leaks and compliance violations.

Compatible with Office365

hosted-247 compliments Office365 by providing enhanced levels of security and spam management

Stops email spam

Stopping spam, phishing and virus-laden e-mail from reaching your Inbox is what matters most

Keeps email spam off of your network

Stopping spam at hosted-247 reduces junk traffic and improves network performance. hosted-247 quickly identifies, logs and blocks spam, phishing and virus-laden email before it enters your network or wastes your bandwidth

Protects your server’s reputation

hosted-247 shields your on-premise email server, preventing it being attacked or compromised which could lead to your email server being blacklisted

Data leakage protection

hosted-247  identifies and routes e-mail containing sensitive information, offering both inbound compliance and outbound data leakage protection. For example, we can block receipt of MP3 files, or re-route outbound email and attachments containing, for example, Personal Health Information (PHI) terms to an approval box or trusted partner

Out bound messaging          

hosted-247 allows you to automatically add disclaimer or other messages to all your outgoing email messages

Spam email Summaries

The can be delivered once a day or every 4 hours. Access to your junk folder is available 24 hours a day



    Imagine running your business without email. Unthinkable, isn’t it? Now imagine your email without the spam. Equally unthinkable? Not with hosted-247.

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