Email Archiving


Compatible with Office365

hosted-247’s email archiving solution from Cryoserver compliments Office365 by bringing richer features and functionality than wouldn’t otherwise be available on Office365.

Find your emails quickly

Email  in date files, as opposed to the typical database style storage. For this simple reason, the Cryoserver solution on hosted-247 is able to search and retrieve emails at great speed from the archive.

The Archive as an inbox

Users find themselves looking to their archive before their inbox as a matter of habit thanks to the easy to use search interface and rapid results.

Time saving

The ability to search through archived emails allows users to perform extremely specific searches amongst their previous correspondents without any training. Cryoserver’s super-fast, delegated and intuitive search screens put every email sent or received in your mailbox at your fingertips, findable in seconds.

Losing company intellectual property (IP) and resources by deleting emails too quickly

You remain safe in the knowledge that all communications have been frozen and stored at the time of receipt, and are just an easy and fast search away.

Mobile Access

We’re all reliant on smartphones and tablets for communication, and BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) policies are becoming more prevalent in the workplace. The Cryoserver Mobile App provides the same great user experience, regardless of whether you’re in your home office, a business meeting in Vienna or backpacking in the Amazon

Eliminate PST Files

PST files are a basic solution to exceeding mailbox quotas, though they’re easily edited or tampered with and often become corrupt and unusable. Cryoserver solution on hosted-247 assimilates legacy PST files into a single, secure and searchable archive.

    Imagine running your business without email. Unthinkable, isn’t it? Now imagine your email without the spam. Equally unthinkable? Not with hosted-247.

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