Top class email security at rock bottom pricing! hosted-247 uses SonicWALL email security to provide you with your own branded service to secure, archive and encrypt your customers email all for less than £2 per mail box per month. No fixed costs, no joining fees and best of all no hassle!


Will your customer blame you for Ransomware? Your customers don’t always follow your recommendations when it comes to opening emails and attachments. Yet when they inevitably get compromised they expect you to help them with the clean up. Let Natpoint show you how you can secure your customers email quickly and economically without compromising performance or creating inconvenience!


Office 365 getting you down? Office 365 is great in many ways and customers love it – but are you seeing declining margins and losing the ability to demonstrate value add to your customers? Let Natpoint show you how to add grown up inbound AND outbound email security functionality, archiving and encryption to your customer’s Office 365 implementation without the fuss but with the profits!


Email Security as a Service from integrates with office 365 to provide enhanced security and archiving features allowing resellers to make 40% monthly recurring margin. is built on SonicWall’s highly acclaimed email security platform to provide profitable and flexible solutions for the channel.

Imagine running your business without email. Unthinkable, isn’t it? Now imagine your email without the spam. Equally unthinkable? Not with hosted-247.

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